letter to my body:

Dear body!

I hate that you have acne sometimes. 
I hate that you gain weight in parts where I don't want it. 
I hate that you hurt sometimes and don't work the way I command you to and interfere with my life.
I hate that you are hairy.
I hate that you force me into doing things I do not enjoy.
I hate some of your scars.
I hate that some parts of you fold and wrinkle in strange ways.
I hate that you don't fit into some clothes. 

I love that you find ways to keep me healthy.
I love that you make me feel sexy sometimes. 
I love that you show me my limits and protect me. 
I love that you tell a history and remind me of my past.
I love that you carry me to the most wonderful places.
I love that you are stronger than I reckon most of the time.
I love that you remind me about the really important things in life on a regular basis. 
I love that you surprise me. 
I love that you are unique in your own way. 

I hate that I don't listen to you most of the time.
I hate that I have to inspect you every time I pass a mirror. 
I hate that I can never satisfied with you. 
I hate that I compare you to other bodies.
I hate that I talk bad about you every day.
I hate that I let you suffer sometimes as well.
I hate that I am not taking proper care for you sometimes.

But after all I love that you allow me to feel pain. 
And I love that you give me the opportunity to look at my weird flaws like redness, wrinkles or scars.
Most of all need I say that am I proud of you and love you for existing for me even though I do not treat you that way sometimes. And I miss the times when we weren't separated by thoughts and you and me felt like one... 

I once had all of these hateful thoughts stuck in my brain and felt like writing it down. It then took me a long time to write these loving points down and come up with what I actually like about my body. I wanted to share these things with you to make you think about your body and your relationship with it or so that you maybe feel like you can relate with what I am feeling and not feel alone anymore. Try being more appreciative with what your body allows you to do and do not limit your thoughts to what seems to be or go wrong. Work on your relationship with your body every day and try finding peace instead of fighting this huge part of yourself.