benefits of choosing slow fashion:

Personally I have always loved strolling through vintage, second-hand or thrift shops. When I was a child my favorite shows were „Full house“, „The Cosby Show“ or „That 70s Show“. Thus I adored the style of the late 20th century from a very young age.

Over the years, while growing up, a lot of different aspects about second-hand fashion caught my eye and made it more and more attractive. Here are only a few factors that you may as well reckon as amazing and choose slow fashion over regular fast fashion stores more often in 2021 🙂

First of all I want to mention the social benefits of thrifting and vintage shopping:

  1. going to flee markets for example are a great tradition to pursue with a friend every other week.
  2. every item seems to have some kind of history and is unique in its own way (for me it feels like a little treasure hunt)
  3. you can create your own personal style instead of seeing dozens of other girls or boys running around in the exact same shirt

Furthermore, another significant aspect that needs to be considered is the environmental impact clothes shopping can have, or in case of second-hand not have:

  1. second-hand shopping avoids complicated disposals
  2. reusing old clothes can be very impactful in reducing carbon-dioxide emissions -e.g. In the UK 7 mil. tonnes of carbon-dioxide emissions were avoided by charity shops in the period form 2015-16
  3. up cycling or reusing old clothes saves precious resources such as water and oil due to the reduction in the production of new clothes

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