mental health

There are those days. Those days when everything just doesn’t feel right or when you just seem to feel nothing at all. I just let it come over me and just lay around doing nothing for a day or two to give my body time to calm down. Let these dark thoughts be and let my limbs feel tired.

But at times when you need to go outside or have to interact with people, on those days it is really easy to be misunderstood and feel overwhelmed. The feeling of projecting my sadness on others makes me feel bad and numb even more. Back when I was in school, I felt awful knowing I had to „perform“ for people in order to not make them feel bad as well. (definitely didn’t work most of the time)

Nowadays, I am really grateful and blessed to just let the days be as they are and that I can take my time to let these feelings come in a safe space at home surrounded by understanding people. I now let the sadness, this heavy feeling of being tired all the time, just come and try accepting these feelings as a part of life sometimes.

Although the tricky part is getting out of this dark place. After one day of just being, I really need to set aspirations for myself, meditate and do something I genuinely enjoy in order to get back to normal. As hard as it sounds, I strongly believe that the only one pulling one out of some kind of depressive episode is oneself, at least this was my experience.

P.S. This is a space, where I share my thoughts and personal experiences. Feel free to comment with your point of view.

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