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red lentil curry:

I love Indian food, but I am way more experimental in the kitchen than in restaurants. During these lockdowns I experimented with spices and ingredients in my kitchen and came up with this dish quite close to the Indian food I love eating when going out. (I am that kind of white person that cannot„red lentil curry:“ weiterlesen

letter to my body:

Dear body! I hate that you have acne sometimes. I hate that you gain weight in parts where I don’t want it. I hate that you hurt sometimes and don’t work the way I command you to and interfere with my life. I hate that you are hairy. I hate that you force me into„letter to my body:“ weiterlesen

„my spring – pie“

This recipe is all about seasonal and regional ingredients. Besides the fact that a sunny Saturday morning in Spring couldn’t possibly be more relaxed and well spent better than on a stroll through the farmers market, I prefer buying seasonal and regional for several reasons. A version of this recipe in the German language is„„my spring – pie““ weiterlesen